Static Cling Decal
"Barstow" Marshal Badge
"Route 66 the Colorful West," Road Trip Coloring Book
2 in 1 Rt. 66 Sticker
2448 Miles License Plate
3-D Route 66 Shield Sign
3-D Route 66 Shield Sign
60-Postcard Set
A Guide Book To Highway 66
All Eight States Plus Route 66 Shield Sign
Along Route 66
America's First Main Street License Plate
America's Highway License Plate
America's Highway Sign
America's Main Street Pin
Appetite for America
Apron, Glove & Hot Pad Set
Arizona Classic Pin
Arizona Patch
AZ Shield Sign
Bags, Totes, Luggage, Purses
Barstow Blue T-Shirt
Barstow Depots & Harvey Houses
Barstow Harvey House Ornament
Barstow Magnet
Barstow Magnet+
Barstow Museum Collage Cup
Barstow Patch
Barstow Route 66 Key Chain
Barstow Route 66 Shield Pin
Barstow Rt. 66 Cup
Barstow, California Route 66 Sticker
Bike Patch
Biker Bell Key Ring
Black & Orange Shield Pin (Large)
Black & Orange Shield Pin (Small)
Black Coaches Mesh Cap
Black Headwrap
Black Knit Beanie
Black License Plate Frame
Black Route 66 Cap for Child
Bobby Troup License Plate
Books, Guides, Magazines
Burma Shave Sign
CA Shield Sign
California Bear Patch
California Classic Pin
California Hiking Medallion
California Mini Sticker
California Patch
California Route 66 Patch
California Route 66 Sticker
California US 66 Key Chain
California US Magnet
Canvas Tote (Choice of 5 Colors!)
Casa del Desierto Collector Pin
Casa del Desierto Harvey House Postcard
Checkerboard License Plate
Chevrolet Corvette Sign
Clip Magnet
Coca-Cola Round Sign
Coca-Cola Straw Holder
Corvette Placemat
Cups, Mugs, Shot Glasses, Spoons, Kitchen Collectibles
Die Cut Sticker
Die-Cut Decal
Diner Mug
Diner Placemat
Discount Deals - Group Value Rates
Donation (May give in increments of $20.00)
DVDs, CDs, Audio Books
East Mojave Heritage Trail (All Four Volumes)
East Mojave Heritage Trail (Fenner to Needles)
East Mojave Heritage Trail (Fenner to Needles)
East Mojave Heritage Trail (Ivanpah to Rocky Ridge)
East Mojave Heritage Trail (Needles to Ivanpah)
East Mojave Heritage Trail (Rocky Ridge to Fenner)
Eight States Patch
Eight States Rt. 66 License Plate
End of Rt 66 Mini Sticker+
End of the Trail Patch
Even More Songs Of Route 66 CD
EZ66 Guide - 4th Edition
Flames Deluxe Do-Rag
Get Your Kicks #2 License Plate
Get Your Kicks Collage Magnet
Get Your Kicks License Plate
Get Your Kicks Patch
Get Your Kicks Patch
Ghost Towns of Route 66 (Hard Cover)
Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers
Glass Sugar Shaker
Gray or Black with Black Leather Brim Hat
Great Mojave Desert Patch+
Greetings from Route 66 (Hard Cover)+
Hand Mitt
Hats, Caps, Visors, Do-Rags, Bandanas, Head Gear
Haunted Highway The Spirits of Route 66
Here It Is! Set of 8 Maps
Hippie Bus Magnet
Historic Harvey House Magnet
Historic Highway Route 66
Historic Route 66 Pin
Historic Route 66 Road Map
Historic Route 66 Sign
Historic Sign Pin
Historic US 66 Patch
Hot Pad
I Traveled Route 66 Patch
Icon Design Shooter
Icon Design Shot Glass
IL Shield Sign
Illinois Classic Pin
Illinois Patch
Images of 66 Vol. 2
Images of 66 Volume I
Images of 66 Volume I & Images of 66 Volume II (Autographed!)
Images of America, Barstow
Inside Out Ashtray
Inside Out Route 66 Cup
Inside Out Shot Glass
Jess McEntire, Man on a Mission CD
Jumbo Checker Rug Game (Regular or Camo)
Kansas Classic Pin
Kansas Patch
Key Chains, Rings, Bottle Openers, Tags, Lanyards
KS Shield Sign
Lasered Wood Ornament
License Plates, LP Frames for Vehicles & Motorcycles
Live to Ride Patch
Made in the USA Products
Main Street Banner Magnet
Main Street Cup
Main Street of America License Plate
Main Street Shot Glass
Main Street USA Mini Sticker
Maps, Postcards, Posters, Notecards, Calendars
Membership, Annual Family or Organization
Membership, Annual Person
Membership, Lifetime Family or Organization
Membership, Lifetime Person
Mini Checkers Rug Game
Mini Sticker 736
Mini Sticker 746
Mini Sticker 748
Miscellaneous: Artwork, Flags, Thimbles, Bells, Ash Trays, Playing Cards, Toys, Ornaments, Medallions, Frames, Puzzles, Banks, Etcetera!
Missouri Classic Pin
Missouri Patch
MO Shield Sign
Mobilgas Round Sign
Mojave Desert
Mojave Road Guide
More Songs of Route 66 CD
Mother Road License Plate
Mother Road Map License Plate
Mother Road Museum Frame
Mother Road Museum Mini Sticker
Mother Road No. 1 License Plate
Mother Road USA Sticker
Motorcycle License Plate Frame
Museum Membership, Donations
NEW "Barstow" Route 66 Shot Glass
NEW "Barstow" Train Artwood Magnet
NEW Barstow Route 66 Pin
NEW Color 10 in 1 Sticker
New Mexico Classic Pin
New Mexico Patch
NEW Route 66 Artwood Magnet "Barstow
NM Shield Sign
OK Shield Sign
Oklahoma Classic Pin
Oklahoma Patch
Pepsi Cola Round Sign
Pink Deluxe Do-Rag
Pins, Jewelry, Badges, Bracelets
Poster Art Ashtray
Potholder Set
Retired Cruising Patch
Roadie Discount Deal #3 (Guidebook, Hat, Sticker)
Route 66 "Going Somewhere" License Plate+
Route 66 - 8 State License Plate Pin
Route 66 1926 Gray T-Shirt (M - 3XL)
Route 66 Antique Bronze Wings Pin (Small or Large)
Route 66 Antique Brown or Camel T-Shirt (S - 2XL)
Route 66 Antique Silver Wings Pin (Small or Large)
Route 66 Apron
Route 66 Arrow Sign
Route 66 Bandanna (Available in several colors)
Route 66 Barstow Sticker
Route 66 Bell
Route 66 Black & White Key Chain
Route 66 Black Cup
Route 66 Black Wristband
Route 66 Black/White Pin (Small or Large)
Route 66 Blue Wristband
Route 66 Bomber Command Cafe Puzzle
Route 66 Bottle Opener Key Ring
Route 66 Burgers & Dogs Puzzle
Route 66 Cafe Puzzle
Route 66 California Enamel Key Chain
Route 66 Casino Quality Playing Cards
Route 66 Charm
Route 66 Classic Pin
Route 66 Color Poster #1 by Waldmire
Route 66 Color Poster #2 by Waldmire
Route 66 Deco Sign
Route 66 Design Frame
Route 66 Drop Earrings
Route 66 Eagle Avenger Do-Rag
Route 66 Earrings
Route 66 Enamel Key Chain
Route 66 Est. 1926 Pin
Route 66 Fire Shield Embroidered Patch
Route 66 Foil Magnet
Route 66 Frosted Gold Shot
Route 66 Gas Pump Pin
Route 66 Hiking Medallion
Route 66 Historic US Sign
Route 66 Icon Cup
Route 66 Icons Lanyard
Route 66 In California
Route 66 Interstate Route 66 Shield Pin (Lg. or Sm.)
Route 66 Key Ring with Strap & Clasp
Route 66 Landmarks (Size S - 4XL)
Route 66 Main Street T-Shirt (S - 3XL)
Route 66 Main Street USA Pin
Route 66 Map Acrylic Magnet
Route 66 Map Flag
Route 66 Map Hat in Black or White
Route 66 Map Magnet
Route 66 Map Patch
Route 66 Map Street Sign
Route 66 Metal Shield Sign
Route 66 Motorcycle License Plate Frame
Route 66 Museum Coasters (Set of 2)
Route 66 Nostalgic Cup
Route 66 Nostalgic Shot Glass
Route 66 Oval Sticker
Route 66 Pewter Ornament
Route 66 Pink Patch
Route 66 Pins - NINE TOTAL!
Route 66 Poker Chips (Buy 2, Get Bonus Chip)
Route 66 Printed Navy T-Shirt (S - 3XL)
Route 66 Puzzle in Tin
Route 66 Railway Book (Revised & Expanded)
Route 66 Red & Blue Key Chain
Route 66 Rusty Shield Sign
Route 66 Script Patch (Black, Blue or Red)
Route 66 Shield "Barstow" Magnet
Route 66 Shield Canvas Tote
Route 66 Shield Magnet or Any State Magnet
Route 66 Shield Ornament
Route 66 Shield Patch
Route 66 Shield Sign
Route 66 Shield Sign Coolit
Route 66 Shield, NINE MAGNETS TOTAL!
Route 66 Shield, NINE MAGNETS TOTAL!
Route 66 Shoulder Bag
Route 66 State Patches - All Eight
Route 66 States
Route 66 States Key Chain
Route 66 States Parking Sign
Route 66 Stickers
Route 66 Suncatcher
Route 66 Sunset Parking Sign
Route 66 Tote Bag
Route 66 Treasures - Memorabilia Included in Book!
Route 66 US Magnet
Route 66 USA Map License Plate
Route 66 White Wristband
Route 66: A Photographic Essay
Route 66: Spirit of the Mother Road
Route 66: The Mother Road
Rt 66 Black Cap
RT 66 Main Street License Plate
Rt 66 Mother Road Museum Magnet+
Rt 66 Photo Collage Mug
Rt 66 USA Flame Cap
Rt. 66 3-D Pewter Key Chain
Rt. 66 Artwood Oval Magnet
Rt. 66 AZ State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Barstow Shot Glass (Clear or Frost)
Rt. 66 Bi-Level Artwood Magnet
Rt. 66 Black Stickers
Rt. 66 Blue Flame Do-Rag
Rt. 66 CA State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Charm Key Ring
Rt. 66 Chicago to LA Sticker
Rt. 66 Cruise Sign
Rt. 66 Cutting Board
Rt. 66 Deep Pink T-Shirt (S - XL)
Rt. 66 Desert Sticker
Rt. 66 Distressed Design Poster Mug+
Rt. 66 Flag with Cars
Rt. 66 Garage Collage Cup
Rt. 66 Garage Collage Key Ringz=
Rt. 66 Garage Collage Shot Glass
Rt. 66 Gas Pump Ornament
Rt. 66 Hoop Earrings
Rt. 66 IL State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 KS State Flag Pin
RT. 66 Main Street License Plate
Rt. 66 Main Street Sticker
Rt. 66 Map Hat
Rt. 66 Metal Rainbow Key Ring
Rt. 66 Metal Rainbow Magnet
Rt. 66 MO State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Mother Road Museum Magnet
Rt. 66 Mother Road Museum Postcard
Rt. 66 Navy Cap
Rt. 66 Neon Collage Sign
Rt. 66 Neon Parking Sign
Rt. 66 NM State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Nostalgic 100-Piece Puzzle
Rt. 66 OK State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Patriotic Key Ring
Rt. 66 Plate Border Shield Sign
Rt. 66 Poster Distress Design Shot Glass
Rt. 66 Retro Collage Shot Glass
Rt. 66 Retro Key Chain
Rt. 66 Road Frame
Rt. 66 Shield Decal
Rt. 66 Shield Shooter
Rt. 66 Shield Shot Glass
Rt. 66 Shield Stickers
Rt. 66 Socks for Ladies
Rt. 66 Stars & Stripes Shield Sign
Rt. 66 State Flag Pins
Rt. 66 TX State Flag Pin
Rt. 66 USA Flag Pin
Rt. 66 Washed Khaki or Black Hat
Rt. 66 Wigwam Parking Sign+
Rt. Postcard Picture Frame
RV Adventure Route 66 DVD
Shield Toothpick Holder
Signs of Various Sizes & Shapes
Slice of America License Plate
Socks for Ladies
Songs From The Mother Road Audio CD
Special Agent Union Pacific Badge+
Special Items - Unique to Museum, Mojave Desert, Barstow & Area
Stainless Steel Cordial or Shot
States Shield Street Sign
Stickers, Decals
Stinkin' Badge
T-Shirts, Tops, Hawaiian Shirts, Hoodies, Belt Buckles, Apparel
Tan Icon Shot
Ten Assorted Color Postcards
Texaco Petroleum Products
Texas Classic Pin
Texas Patch
The Harvey Girls
The Harvey Girls DVD
The Harvey House Cookbook
The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas (Hard Cover)
The Mojave Desert
The Mother Road Patch
The Mother Road Route 66 Pin (Sm. or Lg.)
The National Training Center and Ford Irwin Book
The Silence and the Sun (2nd Edition)
The Verse by the Side of the Road
Travel Route 66 Puzzle - 1000 Pieces
TX Shield Sign
U.S.A. Flag Key Chain
US Route 66 Sign
USA Flag License Plate
USA Main Street Key Chain
Waldmire's Postcards of All Eight States
Wheels at Your Service Puzzle
Wheels Three Beauties Jigsaw Puzzle
White License Plate Frame
Will Rogers Patch
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