Route 66 Abandoned (Autographed!))

Route 66 Abandoned (Autographed!))
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Route 66 Abandoned (Autographed!))
Route 66 Abandoned by Ken Lee and autographed by the author!

Abandoned Route 66: Under a Western Moon is an unforgettable nocturnal journey on the most famous roadway in the United States, focusing on the Southwest. One of the earliest cross-country highways, Route 66 beckoned many in the United States to migrate west.

As businesses and communities grew along the road, it became a beacon of liberation, opportunity, and eventually, loss. With the building of the faster Interstate Highway System, motorists bypassed Route 66. Prosperity evaporated, with many leaving their homes, markets, diners, gas stations, and kitschy roadside attractions to the elements. Wander with the author along the "Main Street of America" as he illuminates these forgotten locales with light, creating haunting dreamlike exposures of several minutes or more.

If you are a fan of creative photography or the Mother Road, or have an insatiable curiosity for travel, Abandoned Route 66: Under a Western Moon invites you to climb in back, sit tight, and take hold for a surrealistic night escape with the top down.

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