Travelers' Green Book International Edition (1963-64)

Travelers' Green Book International Edition (1963-64)
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Travelers' Green Book International Edition (1963-64) for vacation without aggravation

Facsimile edition of the classic Negro motorist guide HOTELS - MOTELS - VACATION RESORTS - RESTAUANTS - TOURIST HOMES In 1936, Victor H. Green released “The Negro Motorist Green Book”, the first in his annual series of travel guides listing hotels that would accept African-American customers, restaurants that would serve them, and gas stations and other businesses that were willing to supply the needs of those who were traveling. At a time when so many businesses were “white only” and many towns were closed to blacks after sundown, these guides made it possible for people to navigate America with confidence, knowing that there would be places to stay along the way. Today, these books provide a stark image of what the world was like.

108 pages, paperback, 5 x 0.27 x 6.75 inches

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