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Barstow Book+
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Barstow By Christine Toppenberg & Donald Atkinson

This book tells the story of Barstow, a town born along the enigmatic Mojave River in the middle of the formidable Mojave Desert, nurtured by countless (and mostly nameless) fortune seekers and adventurers and settled by plain folks looking for something they could not quite name. Their footprints became the foundation for a trail, a road, a railroad, and, over time, part of the most legendary highway in the country: Route 66. The early arrival of an important centralized railyard, two major military installations, and spectacular silver and borax mining projects led the population to grow and thrive. Through this collection of photographs, Barstow's fascinating history is brought to life.

128 pages, paperback

681 North First Avenue Barstow, CA 92311