The Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert
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A vast land of mineral wealth, eerie beauty, and countless contrasts, the Mojave Desert joined the Union of the United States on September 5, 1850, and became part of the new San Bernardino County three years later. A massive, parched region, its varied terrain rolls eastward from the Antelope Valley to the Colorado River. The nationís highest temperature on record occurred in this region; on the other extreme, the freezing winters here shroud the land in ice and snow. This thirsty expanse climbs to over 4,000 feet, with a great number of different wildlife forms making their homes among the hills. Featuring over 200 evocative and illustrative images, The Mojave Desert is an entertaining and educational source of information about the area and its unique history.

Author John M. Swisher is a leading authority on the Mojave Desert, having written several books and numerous papers on the subject since 1937. His deep love for the area is evident in this new publication, which will preserve and commemorate the desertís rich history for years to come. Within these pages, discover the origins of the Mojave Desert, a stronghold for desert recreational opportunities, as well as one of the leading golden opportunity bases for Americaís exciting future.

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