The Silence and the Sun (2nd Edition)

The Silence and the Sun (2nd Edition)
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The Silence and the Sun (2nd Edition)
The Silence and the Sun (2nd Edition) By Joe de Kehoe

Paperback, 356 pages Click on insert picture at left to see detail of inside.

Illustrated with 100¡äs of full color images and maps! "Exploring the historical account of the people, places, and events on old Route 66 "

Includes railroad communities in the Eastern Mojave Desert, California

Review: I knew Joe de Kehoe was working on a book detailing the history of Route 66 and the old railroad towns in the East Mojave Desert. I couldn't wait to see it. That is an area I have been interested in for years but could only find bits and pieces of information scattered about. Just before the book came out I had the pleasure of hearing Joe talk about it at the Mojave River Valley Museum in Barstow. That night I ordered not one, but two copies and very shortly they arrived.

Everything about the book is striking beginning with the cover. I ran my fingers over some of the print thinking it must be embossed, but it wasn't. Inside I found it carefully arranged by location, so that first night I stayed up too late skipping around in the book to read about particular areas I had always been curious about. Not only were there contemporary photographs of the remains, but historical photographs of the same sites with the structures intact and the people in the photographs were identified. It was an, "Oh my, look at that! experience.

The book is full of photographs, maps and copies of old documents. The end notes and additional reading following the chapters make it not only a history book, but a valuable reference book. It isn't on my bookshelf, it's on my coffee table. I love it! ¨C Le Hayes; Desert Historian; (East Mojave Desert)

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