Lost California Treasure

Lost California Treasure
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Lost California Treasure
Lost California Treasure by W. Craig Gaines

Tales of California's buried treasures, lost mines and hidden loot. From the Pacific Ocean to the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California is bursting with rumors of lost riches. Sunken cargo from the steamship Brother Jonathon is rumored to still be out there, awaiting discovery, as well as the location of the famous lost Breyfogle Mine.

Outlaws like Three Finger Jack and Joaquin Murrieta were said to have stashed their loot while evading law enforcement and Sir Francis Drake's English pirates buried treasures all along the coast. Deep underground and underwater, a bounty waits for some lucky prospector. Join author W. Craig Gaines as he unearths stories of legendary and historic lost treasures yet to be found in the Golden State.

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